Distance: 5.5 miles / 9 km
Date completed: 24th April, 2021

The second part of our doubleheader, and second section overall. Streatham Common to Wimbledon Park is Section 8 of TfL’s guide, and is a relatively flat walk along a mix of residential roads with parks, commons and other green spaces!

Tiredness was definitely starting to kick-in during this walk, so there are only a few photos. Overall it wasn’t as interesting as Crystal Palace to Streatham Common, but enjoyable nonetheless.

It’s only when we get to Wandsworth Common that I remember to take some photos, and despite some very cute ducklings, I wasn’t quick enough to get a decent picture, and only managed a waterscape…

Wandsworth Common

…and this moorhen on its lonesome.

Moorhen Wandsworth Common

On exiting the park, our attention was drawn to this rather impressive and imposing building, leading to the words: “I wonder what…oh, it’s the prison”. Say what you want about those Victorians, but they sure knew how to build impressively, whatever it was they were building!

You can read the grisly history of HMP Wandsworth if that floats your boat.

HMP Wandsworth

The route carries on along the very long side of Wandsworth Cemetery, which was impressive to look at, but taking photos somehow didn’t feel appropriate.

The Pubs

This is where things went a little awry for us. Which sounds like we had a great evening frequenting the pubs on the route. However, it was quite the opposite, and we fell foul of not pre booking on a Saturday night just after pub gardens are allowed to reopen.

We tried queuing for a bit at Halfway House but eventually gave up and tried to find somewhere else. We also gave up on that too (we really were quite tired!)

Some of the other options nearby the route include: